Established in 2014 under the name of Dongguan Xiangcheng Industrial Co., Ltd., Xiang Cheng Group is a large enterprise group dedicated to the eaglewood industry. Our line of business includes eaglewood cultivation, research & development, production and sales, creative design, cultural communication, leisure tourism and brand operation. Headquartered in Liaobu Town of Dongguan City, known as the “Hometown of Eaglewood”, Xiang Cheng Group is the president unit of Dong Guan Agalloch Association and the only standard formulating and drafting unit for the eaglewood industry in Guangdong Province.

In 2006, Xiang Cheng Group invested in building one of the earliest and largest Aquilaria sinensis plantation bases in Dongguan City - China (Dongguan) Eaglewood Industry Holistic Experience Exposition Park (the “Exposition Park”). An industrial park themed on the Chinese eaglewood culture, the Exposition Park is situated east of the mountains of the Foling Lake Country Park in Liaobu Town with picturesque scenery and convenient transportation. It covers more than 280 mu (about 19 hectares) of land and hosts 200,000 Aquilaria sinensis trees and over one million saplings. In addition, there are 10,000-odd famous tree species, including Malaysian rosewood, Hainan yellow flowering pear and Foling red litchi.

On the basis of eaglewood research and development, Xiang Cheng Group shall work to develop a distinctive eaglewood culture and seek development by relying on eaglewood products and the eaglewood industry. We shall start from resources integration, give play to our comparative advantages and pursue an aggressive brand strategy to enhance the industrialization of our products and steadily expand the industrial chain. We shall endeavor to become the most respected eaglewood industrial chain integration leader in China that radiates both domestic and overseas market.


Dr. Yin, founder of Xiang Cheng Group, is a native of Liaobu Town. Since childhood, he has been deeply influenced by the culture of Aquilaria sinensise and has cherished a big dream and concerns for his country. He was so fascinated by the culture that he threw himself into the eaglewood industry without hesitation. Starting from one single tree and after years of hard work, he has managed to build, step by step, China (Dongguan) Eaglewood Industry Holistic Experience Exposition Park, which now forms the foundation of Xiang Cheng Group.

The scent of the eaglewood has been the carrier and essence at Xiang Cheng Group as we fulfil the mission of “staying rooted in industrial development, creating an elegant life and benefiting the people”. To meet our expectation for “a fragrant city and a fragrant world”, we shall work to build a world-famous headquarters economic base for the eaglewood industry. In this way, we shall pass on the culture of Aquilaria sinensise from generation to generation and bring eaglewood products to every corner of the world, making it a preferred choice for people in pursuit of an elegant and healthy life.