1. Our Comprehensive Advantages

1. Scientific research
We partner with and conduct joint research with the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS), the Institute of Timber Industry under the Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences, GuangDong Social Sciences Association, Guangdong University of Technology, and other organizations.

2. Production
We own a 1200-sqm standard modern eaglewood essential oil manufacturing shop, which is composed of the laboratory, extraction room, distillation room, refining room, classification room and finished product room. We also boast a 4,000-sqm standard modern product processing and manufacturing workshop in the industry that is capable of making eaglewood perfumes, hangings and other products.

3. Product quality
As a standard formulating and drafting unit for the Chinese eaglewood industry, we manufacture products strictly in accordance with national standards to ensure its safety, reliability and wholesomeness.

4. Inspection by authoritative organizations
All our products have passed inspection by an authoritative organization in accordance with relevant national standards. They must pass a two-level test system: Self-inspection by our Comprehensive Production Testing Laboratory and inspection by a state institution (The Institute of Timber Industry under the Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences).

5. Reputation
Quality makes a brand and integrity helps accomplish great things. As the president unit of Dong Guan Agalloch Association - one of the earliest professional associations of the Chinese eaglewood industry, Xiang Cheng Group has great appeal and influence in China’s eaglewood industry and enjoys a good reputation as well.

2.Flexible Cooperation Mode

1、Authorized sale of the whole series of eaglewood products on a commission basis, including eaglewood essential oils, perfumes and hangings;

2、Customized production of eaglewood products, including eaglewood essential oils, perfumes and hangings;

3、Strategic cooperation in respect of overseas regions, covering such products as eaglewood essential oils, perfumes and hangings;