Agarwood Gifts: Spring,Summer,Autumn and Winter,Sweet Seasons

From the beginning of the spring, walk through the bright spring sky, walk through the sprout of each new seedling, walk through the apricot flower rain dream. I only want to cherish every minute of getting along with the time, the flower will be opened again, the spring will come again, and I will go through it and see it again and again, and I will live up to the spring of this season.

A song of "Spring" is accompanied by a fragrant scent, scorning and swaying with willows, tenderness and water, and refreshing.

In the summer, the morning meets the Xiaxia in the early morning, and I will feel the affection of nature from this sunshine. I will smell the aroma of the savage plant in the air, and even the lightest people will start to warm up...

In the hot summer, only the fragrant incense can wash the impetuous, open the embrace of summer enthusiasm.


Autumn, arrived on this day, although the frog is still making noise, the cricket is still singing, the wind is still quietly writing the autumn poems on a leaf, a leaf sees the whole world, a trace of cool wind knows the autumn, knows the autumn leaves, The simplicity is the most extreme.

The cold rain is not willing to take a break, and the leaves fall in the wind and know the autumn. The red and yellow times danced in the air, and the tree returned to the roots. Some people say that autumn is a season of missing, and together with autumn thoughts, there is no end. I missed it, but it hurts people, but it also hurts the heart. It burns a warm fragrance, keeps the mind calm, avoids the gas of murder, and converges on the spirit to make the autumn bleak.

The winter solstice, the prosperous and complete, the Swiss snow, the harvest can be expected. It’s cold in winter, but it’s not far behind. With this in mind, my heart is warm.

This is a season of meeting with the west wind and the white snow. When the poet's brush falls into the poems of the words, such as a piece of crystal snow, it blooms in the heart, rendering the gentleman of the literati. I sneak a scent of ink, and use the rhythm of emotion to walk in the pen, and the thousands of thoughts spread out in the lines. A heartfelt speech, such as ice and fog; a touch of warmth, and the years of sorrow; a bay of love, lingering in the long winter.

Good things need to be carved, and the incense is ingeniously used. The snails and the silk-inlaid craftsmanship make the rhythm of the four seasons rise above the incense sticks and bookmarks.

The snails are also known as the snails, the snails, the snails, the snails, the snails, the snails, and the snails. The snails are unique to China. Because snail is a natural thing, its appearance is natural and has a very strong visual effect. It is also one of the most common traditional decorative arts and is widely used in handicrafts.

The inlaid silver wire process, also known as the inlaid silk, was originally the "gold and silver wrong" in the bronze making process. After the Qing Dynasty craftsman improved the process, it was applied to the mahogany furniture decoration. It is a pure hand-made product, the process is complicated, that is, the pattern is first engraved, and then the wire is hand-embedded, and then polished and polished. The product is suitable for some small objects and is used for recreational viewing. The pattern is eye-catching and graceful!

The book and the incense are inseparable from ancient times.

a stream of incense, a bookmark,

Hold the palm of your hand, or put it on the desk.

Burn a scent, read the book of love, smell the musk,

The literati's interest is self-contained.

Spring, summer, autumn and winter, there is always a match for you

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