Agarwood Gifts: Non-legacy skills - new lacquer lacquer "National Colors"

Peony is a traditional Chinese flower with beautiful flowers, rich aroma, graceful and graceful flowers, elegant flowers, and the beauty of color, fragrance and rhyme. It is known as the “Queen of Flowers” and “National Colors”. Dumped and praised. Especially in the Tang Dynasty, the world especially loved peony, the peony flower opened in the season, up to the temple, down to the city, all of which rushed to the glory.

Therefore, the Tang Dynasty poet Liu Yuxi praised: "Only the peony is the national color, and the festival opens the capital." Then there was Li Zhengfeng's praise: "National color smashed wine, Tianxiang night dyed clothes", and there is also a famous poem by Pei Lixi as a peony: "There is a red-hot beginning of spit, and the name is called Baihuawang." The competition is unparalleled in the world, and it is the first spring in the world." In the Peony poems of the scholars of the Northern Song Dynasty Zhaowenguan University, Han Yu, and the "National Beauty" Jiayu Peony. Thus, since the Tang and Song Dynasties, the peony has become a symbol of auspicious happiness and prosperity, and has been able to continue for generations.

The love of the world, the peony, loves its purple, red and magnificent, and loves its "not special Fang Ziyan quality pressure group, and the bones are especially high." In the Qing Dynasty, He Ze Zhao Shi learned the "Peony Rich and Rich" road; "Wu Guan Peony has a flower, Gu Yu is open, the national color is unparalleled, there is a unique wealth, and the group is so beautiful that it is comparable to this gorgeous person?" The rich, the rich and the arrogant, the non-gentlemen and the real gentlemen are also; their expensive, expensive and not arrogant, non-hidden and conscientious.

In the paintings of various generations and various arts and crafts, peony, as a symbol of wealth and elegance, and different combinations of other flowers, birds and rocks, show different meanings combined with wealth. The peony is rich and rich, and the red color is one of the main colors of peony flowers. At the same time, the twilight is the Chinese cultural totem and spiritual conversion. The red color is festive, and the Chinese people's love for red is everywhere.

Xiangcheng·Xiangzai's new product “National Colors and Fragrance” uses the ancient Han traditional hand-painting red technique to finely sculpt red peony flowers on the fine purple sandalwood, and contrast with the deep and quiet purple sandalwood. Embellished, lifelike national flower peony jumps above the incense box. When the fragrant smoky smog rises, the peony of the enchanting sorrow seems to wake up from the morning mist, and the natural and fragrant nature of the country is natural.

The production process of "carving paint" by incense and national color

"Carving paint" is a traditional Chinese national art with at least 1,400 years of history. Across the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, in the Ming and Qing dynasties, it was still a royal palace craft artifact, which has always had a lofty social status and artistic value. The lacquer was also known in history as: lacquer carving, red picking, yellow picking, green picking, rhinoceros, black picking, color picking, heaping Zhu, stacking paint, and it was called lacquer paint in the middle and late Ming Dynasty. On May 20, 2006, the lacquer lacquer skills were approved by the State Council of the People's Republic of China to be included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage.

The shape of Beijing lacquer is simple and solemn, the decoration is exquisite, the color is smooth, the shape is elegant, and it has the characteristics of moisture proof, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, no deformation and no deterioration. The process of carving paint is very complicated, and it takes a long process to design, tire, burn blue, make ground, paint, paint, engrave, polish, do, and do old. Through the hard study of the lacquer artists, the lacquering technique has gradually matured, and the lacquerware has become a craftsmanship with Beijing characteristics. The lacquer lacquer is famous for its cloisonne, ivory carving and jade carving. It is known as one of the “Four Great Names” of Beijing Craft. In addition, Beijing lacquer is also known as Hunan Xiangxiu and Jiangxi Jingdezhen porcelain, and is known as “three long Chinese arts and crafts”.

"National Colors and Fragrance" can be used in offices, living rooms, living rooms and various clubs. It is interesting to have three or five friends who appreciate the art, talk about ancient times, or sip a cup of tea to empty the mind. Ancient Shu: The window is quiet and the book is silent. It will be infinitely intent, and it will be a smoke. "National Colors and Fragrance" not only enjoys the body and mind, but also appreciates and collects value. It is also a gift for gifts.

▲ Fragrant incense-lying incense box set Uniform retail price: 468 yuan / set

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▲ Incense,national color,incense-lying incense box, coil incense box set uniform retail price: 888 yuan / set.